Lynn Cox

The Gold Series


The choice of ground color derives from the traditional use of gold leaf in altarpieces, Byzantine icons, Warhol’s gold paint in the large Marilyn and many other objects. Gold has a long cultural history of being linked to the sacred.
The psychological associations are immediate.

This provides the audience with an image that creates a multitude of levels and meaning.
Is it emotional? Is it intellectual? Both or none? That is up to the viewer.


The repetitive photographic images placed on the sides of the canvas act on several levels. The first  is simple. The repeated image creates a rhythmic pattern that functions to simulate movement through time. The next is the belief that photographic images are traditionally accepted as being a factual recording. The third is how the juxtaposition with the central image challenges, and influences meaning. Then next, I am interested in what happens to meaning through repetition – these images come from print media and are widely disseminated across the planet. They are everywhere, they are consumed, then the next day we move on to consume a new set of images.

Information overload, habituation, visual fatigue.—Impotence from overuse and degrading humanity.


So, I arrange these elements, and at the intersection of perception the images become the road map to the destination of understanding. The viewer has to begin making decisions about what is going on in the painting.





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